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Festival Park

Located in the community of Lakeland Heights, this three-acre park contains a covered pavilion used for concerts, movies in the park and other events. The pavilion offers restrooms and a seating area with fireplace that residents may use for a multitude of events. This gathering spot is the hub of activity for the Traditional Neighborhood Development a pedestrian-friendly community with historic Houston architecture, rear lane access for garages, ample public spaces to foster relationships and sense of community, and coming soon a walkable downtown with small shops, restaurants, private school, medical office and a high-end multifamily neighborhood.

To view the rental contract, visit the Documents area. To view the calendar and make a reservation, visit https://secure.rec1.com/tx/bridgeland-community-associations/reg.php.

Important Information

Location: Lakeland Heights

Hours: 8am - 9pm

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