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Bridgeland will have over 60 miles of interconnecting trails.  There will be 3 major regional trails and several smaller neighborhood trails to create walkability for the entire community.  The trail system will also link to the future town center.

• House-Hahl Trail- 1 mile exercise trail that runs through the middle of The Shores.  Enjoy a brisk morning jog and utilize one of several fitness stations along the way.

• Shores Lake Trail- 2.5 mile trail that surrounds The Shores.  This trail provides spectacular views of water for the entire journey.  The Shores Lake Trail connects all 10 neighborhoods within The Shores and also intersects House-Hahl Trail in two separate locations.

• Cypress Creek Trail- 6 mile nature trail that is bordered on the north by the historic Cypress Creek Corridor.  This trail system will be a ribboned pathway winding through a canopy of trees that will have multiple nature observation areas along the way as well as interpretive panels for bird watching.  Phase one planning is underway and construction will start soon.

• Central Creek Corridor- Spine trail to be built that will meander along the main thoroughfare in the Bridgeland community and caters to those looking for an afternoon power walking session or a casual evening stroll along the lakes.  This trail will be more urban in character and be the central linkage in the trail system.  It will also link communities to the future Town Center.

• Langham Creek Corridor- The southern most spine trail that will serve as a buffer to all the surrounding nature.  Over time, the trail will become thicker and more heavily wooded, similar to the Cypress Creek Corridor where bird watchers can go to spot one of the 140 species of birds in the area.

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